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Epic Vegan Pressure Cooking

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Dear future Instant Pot addict,

We received our Instant Pot in November of 2015 and we have been hooked ever since. The Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker that allows you to cook food under pressure thus reducing the cooking time dramatically. It has been a tool that has completely revolutionized our kitchen. We can make things from scratch in a fraction of the time (so we know what is actually going in to it) and cook big batches in advance so we always have healthy meals at the ready.

We really just wanted to create a recipe book that would give people everyday recipes. Recipes that you would actually use, that use everyday ingredients. A book that anyone could pick up, follow along and be confident about cooking food that actually tastes good.

We went a step further and included a 7-day Instant Pot challenge and shopping guide so that you can see how versatile this machine is. You can use it for every meal throughout the week. The Instant Pot is a tool that you will actually use and is not a gimmick.

We wish you the best with your plant-based journey.


Hannah & Derek

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40 reviews for Epic Vegan Pressure Cooking

  • Niki Sabatini

    Five stars! This has helped me so much with fitting cooking good food into my busy life of teaching and being a mom. Thank you, Hannah!

  • Marie Newcomb

    This was exactly what I needed to take my instant pot experience to the next level! Her recipes are tasty and ready for expert to novice! Love it!

  • C Dahl

    Love it ! Tasty meals and I love that it uses normal Easy to find ingredients, healthy, tasty, and affordable

  • Christopher Croker

    Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub! Yayyyy, Hannah!

  • Nealana Patton

    Really enjoying this book AND this blog/site whatever I’m supposed to call it. New to this way of learning but I like it. Great recipes, easy and very tasty! Very impressed with Hanna and her dedication to this way of life.

  • Emily Ferguson

    Great cookbook! I recently decided I wanted to try to eat more meatless meals and in doing some research, I stumbled on this cookbook. I absolutely love the meals. I am all about simple clean ingredients that are easy to make, this cookbook is all that! Every meal I have made is fantastic, the instructions are so simple and each is seasoned with excellent favor. 5 stars! Great job Hannah👏🏻

  • Scott Petty

    Awesome recipes, love the book, love cooking with instant pot, keep up great work

  • Michelle Davis

    Oh my gosh – I love this ebook so much!!! I recently got an Instantpot (after years of thinking they weren’t that cool, I was so wrong). This ebook is so very helpful. The recipes are SO good, and there is a great variety. Highly, highly recommend – this book will help you get the general feel for pressure cooking and give you some great and simple recipes! Thank you guys!!!

  • Martha Dooling

    I am a 64 yr old woman whose goal is to achieve maximum health. After much research, I do believe wfpb is the way to go. I follow Hannah because she is so inspiring and her recipes are delicious! I have asked for an InstaPot for Christmas and though there are many books on the subject, I am sticking with Hannah! Great book, great introduction to pressure cooking and can’t wait to get cooking! Thanks Hannah!

  • Amber Stewart

    I finally got my first Instant Pot and was so excited to buy this ebook. It did not disappoint! There are sooo many awesome recipes that I am excited to try. I have already made the No Farts Chili and I absolutely love it! I love how the ebook also gives you tips on how to use your Instant Pot, as well as accessorie recommendations. Anything to help make my life a little easier! Honestly, every single one of these recipes look great. I’m excited to try the Creamy Alfredo Pasta and the Asian Style Quinoa next!

  • Lou-Anne MacLean

    I’m not new to plant based eating but I am new to the instant pot! This cookbook has clearly and easily made my experience with the instant pot enjoyable. I’ve made several recipes and it turned out perfect and absolutely delicious!
    So easy! Thank you Hannah!

  • Jennifer Hanson

    This book is amazing!! I love that these recipes are easy and very tasty! Even my family that doesn’t eat WFPB loves the recipes too. This makes my life much easier when the whole family loves what I’m making. I would highly recommend this Cookbook to everyone!! It’s a must have in your collection!

  • Renita Oringderff

    I have the Let’s Get Saucy and the Pressure Cooker (IP), cookbooks. I am SOOOOO excited to use them. I have only used a couple sauces so far but have a list already and can’t get to them quick enough.

    I am so happy for all the options you have provided. Having sauces if I want them helps me mentally feel like I am not missing anything, odd I know but thanks.

    I love my IP and can’t wait to try these as well. I do feel like some of the recipes in the Pressure cooking book are pretty similar to others and a little redundant for me, however still look great- only so much you can do with beans and rice 😁.

    Thanks Hannah for all you do.

  • Courtney Ellison

    I love how simple and down to earth the recipes are and the causal, yet organized way it’s written. I was also wondering if you had a conversion for when the beans are soaked since your recipes are for unsoaked beans (which is amazing if you want something fast, or forgot to soak!) but I have to soak the beans or they upset my hubby’s digestion! <3

  • Denise Sullivan

    Thanks so much for offering this set of books at such an affordable price. They all look so wonderful, I can’t wait to try them!

    Just one question i had. While browsing the pressure cooker recipes, I noticed they all call for cooking all beans from dry. Well, I really enjoy them cooked from soaked, as this seems to make them softer in the end, and take away a lot of the gassy chemicals. How would you recommend altering the liquid in the recipes for soaked beans as opposed to dry?

  • Letty Snider

    I live the book. It is so helpful. I just started doing plant based foods.
    Thanks so much for helping us all out with your recipes and your life story.

  • Cindy Rosenbloom

    I’m new to electric pressure cooking so Thank you Hannah for putting together this easy delicious creative cookbook. It allows me to try new meals for my family. I look forward to new episodes on your YouTube channel.

  • Judy Pojar

    I love cooking in my instapot so having new recipes is great. The recipes in this book are quick and easy

  • Genevieve Mackintosh

    I just recently discovered Hannah’s channel and I decided to take the leap and purchase and instant pot. Move over slow cooker, hello instant pot. That being said, I decided to purchase her epic vegan pressure cooking recipe book to get be started on the journey. Not only is the layout and photos just lovely but the recipes were easy to follow and made sense. I’m not a novice cooker and I find a lot of recipe books leave out crucial information. So far, Hannah’s recipes are well thought out and anyone can do it. Super excited to make the rest of these recipes and to purchase her other books. Well Done!

  • Denise Arias

    This cookbook is absolutely amazing. I just got an Instapot a little over a month ago and just recently went vegan WFPB. This book makes it so easy for me to prepare what I need to nourish my body.
    I’m very pleased with it. If you have an Instapot you need this book!

  • Emma Lewis

    Great recipe book and very easy to follow. Lots of useful information. Thank you

  • Geneva Tayne

    Such a great lil’ recipe book! The first time I heard of an instant pot was from Hannah’s channel and as soon as I bought one I made sure that this recipe book was the first one I purchased. All the recipes are super quick, easy and simple! And incredibly delicious! I highly recommend!!!

  • Amanda Fawcett

    Love Love Love. Easy to make & Yummy to eat. Plenty of options too. I am new to the Instant Pot and I am so glad I purchased this ebook

  • Ashley Chihonik

    Absolutely love this book. I bought my IP after watching Hannah’s videos and bought Hannah’s book the same day. Ingredients are simple and the instructions are very easy to follow. Been vegan for 6 years and I’ve never eaten healthier than I have now.

  • Shelley Meeuwsen

    Got a IP for Christmas and Hannah’s book really helped me to get started with it. Really easy to follow and delicious recipes!

  • Carmel Parlon

    I love this book! I finally bit the bullet and got the instant pot which I’ve wanted after watching Hannah’s videos over the years and this is a great companion! Great healthy recipes, I love how they are laid out and how easy they are to follow. Thank you Hannah and Derek ❤️

  • Eunique Portillo

    I love this book! It’s made my transition to veganism so easy! The recipies are so good and packed with flavor which I was worried it wouldn’t. The food taste so good and after a meal I feel so good that I’m healthier and eating more plant based food. ❤️

  • Melissa Chaisson

    Excellent book! I just bought an Insta pot and am trying to transition to a plant based diet. The recipes in this book make it so easy! They are delicious and the ingredients are inexpensive!

  • Jennifer Oyler

    Love the recipes for IP

  • Renee King

    My daughter brought her 3qt mini instant pot over and omg what a game changer!!! We (my daughter and I) have been following Hannah on YouTube and social media for quite some time now. She inspires us to want to prepare healthy TASTEY veagan meals, to shed some pounnds, to feel good in our bodies and to have more energy! I have spent countless hours in the kitchen meal planning for the work week before Hannah and her instant pot recipes came into my life or should I say kitchen 😉 Hannah’s shopping list makes it so easy and I had most of the items in my pantry already! I was a little bit intimidated by all the buttons and gadgets on this new small appliance but Hannah’s step by step instructions on how to use the instant pot made cooking in it a breeze!! So let me tell about what we cooked up in just a short couple of hours… The ‘mango sticky rice’ ‘red lentil sloppy joes’ ‘split pea soup’ and the ‘refried beans’. All the dishes were ah-mazing and sooooo flavorful!!! I was just blown away so much so that I am excited to get into the kitchen again to cook up each and every recipe. So from one vegan foodie to another…I highly recommend Hannah’s instant pot ebook recipes. Happy cooking 🙂

  • Lauren Krull Gormes

    So many delicious recipes to choose from!! I love using my instant pot and now I have a handful of favorite recipes to cook in it!!

  • Melanie Wilcox

    I’m really enjoying this book. Very good recipes. Previously I only used my Instapot for making beans but now I’m trying out other foods. It’s really nice to be able to open a book and not have to alter a recipe in order to cook healthy food.

  • joseph.anna4him

    I’m following the 7 day challenge and it’s going great! The recipes are simple, yummy and I can see having many go to recipes from this book. Plus the 7 day challenge is a nice break from having to meal plan myself. Thank you so much for this book!

  • Amy Rinehart

    I don’t like spending a lot of time cooking throughout the week so I always like to meal prep ahead of time and the recipes in this book are perfect for that! The ingredients required are pretty minimal and each recipe makes enough for me to eat for a couple of days and then freeze for future meals. So far I have made the Black Bean Soup of Glory and the Cheesy Potato Broccoli Soup. Both freeze & reheat well and they are SO delicious!

  • chris.loegering

    I love this book! I also have “Let’s Get Saucy”. I love all of Hannah’s recipes and tips. I’m obsessed with watching her videos, I get so excited when I see there’s a new one. My “picky eater” teenage daughters even love the recipes, and I’ve inspired them to eat vegan more often. I will eventually buy all of the books. My 15 year old lost 10 pounds effortlessly recently, thanks to Hannah’s recipes. I am not overweight, so weight loss isn’t’ a goal for me, but eating clean and being healthy is important to me. Just made the corn chowder. AMAZING!!!! Buy this book, you won’t be sorry!

    ~Fellow Minnesotan 😉 Christine

  • teethcleaner1981

    Another great recipe Ebook! Love their recipes, easy to follow. Never disappoint!

  • valerieg4

    I just bought 3 of Hannah’s cook books including this one. I’m really excited! I have a medical condition with my back it’s very difficult for me to cook without ending up crippled.
    These recipes look really easy and quick to prepare. I can’t wait to get started.

  • sattvala

    I have Breville’s Fast Slow pressure cooker which has completely changed our lives for the good. And now to have Hannah’s recipes (no oil or tufu ?) adds so much more!

    If you don’t have a pressure cooker, consider the Breville – SO much easier and fool- proof than the Instant Pot.

  • lcress

    So far so good! Easy to read, easy to follow, and delicious to boot – can’t wait to try them all!

  • dnkoziatek

    I love the way that Derek put this together! It’s blunt and funny, keeping the boringness of a cookbook at bay. Also, I’m pretty lazy so it’s the perfect book for someone who never tries anything new. Cus effort.

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    What’s Included?

    • 30 epic oil-free vegan recipes that are quick, simple and easy to make, these are recipes that you will ACTUALLY make
    • One inspiring photo for each and every recipe, so you can actually see what you're making before you make it
    • Cooking charts for common grains, beans, legumes and vegetables for a quick and easy reference
    • A 7 day Instant Pot challenge with a complete shopping guide so that you can become an Instant Pot pro and use it at every meal if you want to
    • A PDF eBook that can be instantly downloaded to your iPhone, iPad, android or computer after purchasing. Re-usable anytime you need it! (Not available if you buy the paperback version)
    • A printer friendly PDF so that you can print off the PDF at FedEx, Kinkos or Staples so you can have a hardcopy as well (only comes with the PDF version purchased on this website. Excludes iTunes or the paperback version)
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    Where can I buy a paperback copy?

    All of our books are available on Amazon. Click this link here to be directed to Amazon.com

    Can I use another type of electric pressure cooker other than an Instant Pot?

    Yes, the methods and cooking times will be very similar.

    I don't have an Instant Pot, where can I get one?

    The easiest & cheapest place to purchase the iPot is from Amazon. Follow this link here.

    You can also purchase it directly from the Instant Pot website. Follow this link here.

    They are also available in Wal-Mart as well. Check your local one for availability.

    Can I use a regular stove top pressure cooker for these recipes?

    You can certainly use a regular pressure cooker for the recipes but the cooking times would need to be reduced by ~7-15%.

    What Instant Pot model do you recommend?

    The model that we have is the IP-DUO60. It has the bigger 6qt inner pot so you can easily make more at once.

    We really love this one. Follow this link here to learn more.

    Do the recipes use weird ingredients?

    We used normal ingredients that you can find in pretty well any grocery store. For more difficult to find ingredients, we have supplied substitutions.

    Do I need to use an oven or stovetop with the recipes?

    No, the cooking for all the food is exclusively done in the Instant Pot. Some recipes use a blender or an immersion blender (which ever one you have) to blend some soups or sauces but that's all you would need.

    Will the PDFs work on my iPhone/iPad/iPod?

    Yes they will. PDFs will work on nearly every mobile device. In the email you receive after your purchase, you will receive a link to a video that will show you how to get your PDF to open in iBooks. You will not receive a PDF if you purchase the paperback version.

    What currency are the prices in?

    All prices on HCH.co are in USD. If you do not live in the USA, there will be a currency conversion when you purchase.


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