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Let’s Get Saucy

158 reviews

From Hannah:

This book has over 55 sauce recipes that will change your life. For real, they will take a so-so dish and make it gold, Baby!

I think it’s fair to say that sauce is one of the most important parts of a dish. Sauce is what brings everything and everyone together. No one just sits around eating wings, fries or tater tots without something on top of them.

Sauces make dishes far more interesting. You would feel lost without something to dip your waffle fries into. What would you do without honey mustard? Well… plant-based honey mustard.

A trio of simple chip dips makes it seem like you put some serious effort into something, even if it took you 5 minutes to make. Congratulations you are now the MVP of Super Bowl Sunday! If it weren’t for you, your spouse and friends would be sitting around eating Fritos while simultaneously screaming and throwing stale popcorn at the TV. That might make it fun for you to watch, but their beer filled bellies will scream for more substance.

With so many choices you’ll find lots of recipes that will become new staples for you and your family.



158 reviews for Let’s Get Saucy

  • Tara-dee Taylor

    Love all of your recipes, can’t wait to try out all the delicious sauces.

  • Suzanne Sorenson

    I love sauces on everything! With these wonderful plant-based sauces, I’m not tempted to use other kinds of sauces on my meals–and these recipes are amazing! And easy to make and store, too!

  • Trina Boone

    I love the book because it is convenient to reference to make fabulous sauces that will help me stick to a plant-based diet. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be flavorless and these recipes prove that simple ingredients can add to a dish to make it delicious!

  • Marie Newcomb

    Oh my gosh! This little book is the best! I have a hard time creating oil free dressings that taste good and Hannah has made it so doable! This is great for everyone who is having trouble adjusting to no salt/no oil! I love it and intend to purchase the Lean & Clean book to enhance my knowledge!

  • Jennine Rodriguez

    Wow! So glad I made this purchase! All of Hannah’s recipes are delicious 👌🏻 Can’t wait to try the Tzatziki and the hummus 🤤

  • Dagmara Zareba

    This book is fantastic – I made a few sauces out of it and they’re delicious, I can’t wait to try them all. The recipes are easy to make and ingredients are all in my local grocery shop. Thank you Hannah for all your hard work. 👏

  • gabrielle cavendish

    This book is amazing! I’m impressed with how simple all the recipes are and I cannot wait to try them all!!

  • paige morse

    I ordered the ebook to get the recipes for sauces I already loved (Tzatziki, Jalapeno Cilantro, Nacho Cheese and Caesar Dressing) saved all in one place. And found SO many recipes that I hadnt seen before. I feel like Ive watched all of Hannah’s recipe videos but I guess I miss a few. Lol! The lentil bolognese sauce is an absolute revelation!! Excited to try more.

  • Jackie McKenna

    Love this ebook! All of my favorite sauces dips and dressings veganized and oil free and they’re so simple to make. Really helping me along in my plant based journey

  • Marci West

    First of all, this book is GORGEOUS! The photos are so beautiful and appealing visually, just a pleasure to look through. I haven’t had a chance to make any of the sauces just yet, but I HAVE made some of Hannah’s other recipes before and they are *always* delicious and yummy. Even your non vegan friends will love all her food, trust me. I know all these sauces are going to be awesome! Thanks Hannah!

  • H Barends

    I love the recipes. It makes my vegetables much tastier. Thank you so much Hannah!

  • Monika Lisak

    An awesome book! So well put together and lots of fantastic options for those who love sauces !! Highly recommend.

  • Nicole Malec

    Love this book! These sauces are simple and delicious!

  • Irma Woodhead

    I am really happy I got this e-book. I was really struggling with eating salads and vegetables without any kind of oil and they were bland without anything. Hannah’s ebook is full of awesome dressing/sauces. I have made several since I’ve purchased the book and it has made huge difference. I do wish it was an actual book, but i am hoping to be able to print and put in a mini spiral book. I also purchased few other ebooks, really excited for the Instapot recipes!! The recipes in there look amazing and i love my instapot, will be a life savor for summer time, because summers in midwest are hot AF. Keep it up girl! You are making a difference. Xo!

  • Darlene Brown

    I love the recipes… Only wish it was a book and not just an e book.

  • Robyn Stillian

    What a great collection of sauces. I have only had a chance to make the Alfredo sauce and it was amazing!


    Love the recipes. Can’t wait to try them all. I Look forward to getting all the books.

  • Kelly Ordes

    Amazing book and I love it!

  • Linda DaPra

    Love all the recipes. Great book!

  • zoila reyes

    5 star review, great compliment to my new life Style. Hanna your the best! Highly recommend let’s get saucy!

  • Lorena Rueda

    I loooovvveeee this book!!!! Its definitely a must !!!!

  • Brittany Rich

    This books has so many good AND easy recipes. There a few recipes (like guac) that I was like… wish that wasn’t in there because its so easy and there is thousands of online recipes already, but I understand not everyone knows that. Overall I definitely recommend the book! I love sauces on everything and she even includes “skinny” versions on many of them.

  • Michelle Quin

    I love Hannah, she helps so many people. I just got the let’s get saucy and can’t wait to make all the recipes. I’ve been vegan wfpb for 6 weeks and loving it . The one thing I missed the most is the sauces. Now I can make my own and know they are healthy . The recipes are easy to follow. Great book to start my collection 😁

  • sharri_meeks

    This is my second book from Hannah. I never order ebooks but I couldn’t resist this one. So many options to try! Thanks, Hannah, it’s a winner!

  • Sable Benjamin

    Such yummy sauces.

  • Sable Benjamin

    Love Hannah and love the books. I’m not yet 100% vegan but I’m working on it and I love that I have wonderful recipes to work with to help me on my way. I don’t think I’ve found recipes I love as much as hers. Thank you Hannah

  • Jennifer Ropell

    Having been vegetarian for fifteen years and now vegan for two I felt like I had all the sauce recipes – wrong! Hannah’s recipe book has provided a whole new list of go-to’s which makes meals much more interesting. They’re easy, delicious and use very simple ingredients. Very happy with my purchase!

  • Laura Jackson

    I’ve been wanting this book for some time and it doesn’t disappoint! For me, a plant based diet is all about the sauces! From sweet, sour, savory and just plain delicious, Hannah’s got it covered in basic, easy and saucy finishes.

  • Karyann Dearing

    Luv luv the ingredients so simple and easy at first I thought it was going to be difficult to go vegan but these sauces have opened my eyes. I don’t have to be a carnivore anymore. I am getting healthy

  • Denise Arias

    I was really looking forward to this eBook. Since going whole food plant based vegan I was a little stuck on sauces and spreads. As soon as I downloaded it I was able to make at least 2 of the recipes with what I already had in my kitchen. All of the are very simple with a beautiful layout of pictures to match.

  • Claire Simpson-Graves

    After watching Hannah on YouTube for years, i decided to buy ‘Lets Get Saucy’ as i try to transition to a more WFPB diet. Being in the U.K. i wasn’t sure if i would have all of the ingredients for the sauces, but i needn’t have worried. All the sauces are simple, easy and quick to make. Thanks Hannah!

  • Stephanie Cowdrey

    I think there’s a false perception about plant-based eating in a sense that it can’t be savory, tasty or creamy. This e-book proves a plant-based diet can be just as messy and wonderful as classic, dairy incorporated American dishes have always been.

  • michelle each

    Sauces are my jam!!! Worth it for the Macadamia Herb spread alone! I will be having veggie sandwiches for dayyyysssss!!!!

  • Noemi Dentice

    Really useful and so filled with tips! The recipes are pretty straightforward and with easy ingredients to find! Highly recommended ☺️

  • Sonya Burdge

    Very encouraging and useful. Makes all the food taste even greater. Sonya

  • Darlene Shule

    I now have all the ebooks and love them!❤️ Very happy with the ebook ” Let’s get saucy” but I love all of them. Well worth the investment for the information and all the great recipes. Please make more ebooks!!😍

  • jdedolph22

    So many recipes! I love how they’re organized by what the sauces are used fo r. They all look so good. The ones I tried so far are great!

  • Michelle Davgin

    It’s been three weeks since the “lean” book. I’ve been vegan since late 1980s. I actually like her new ideas for recipes. I can’t say I rely only on her recipes though, sometimes there are other vegan no oil, sauces especially. The one thing I always do is double her spices. I keep the ingredients the same but unless I double the spices it’s too bland. Also, there seems to be a “no salt” “add salt” controversy. I will buy the recipe book, I wish I realized this all came in actual books before I bought the ebooks. Maybe that can be an option on the website.

  • Cathie Metteer

    Not sure f this working but meant to leave 5 stars
    This looks awesome can’t wait to try them

  • Patricia Harmeyer

    5 stars!! Hannah has become my go to for recipes as we’re transitioning to a plant based Whole Foods diet. The sauce recipes are amazing!!

  • Carol Radley

    Great recipes for sauces which really complete a meal!

  • melissa van bael

    awesome book and easy recipes

  • Becky Jordan

    Very flavorful healthy recipes! A must have! ??

  • Amy Allred

    Awesome book that makes this lifestyle doable. There is a great variety and we’ve loved each that we’ve tried.

  • Fiona Hales

    This book has a huge variety of different sauces and dressings. Adding rice or potatoes and some veggies along with these recipes would give you many different meal options.

  • Ashley Miles

    This is the first plant-based sauce book that I’ve encountered and I can’t wait to jazz up my meals with the recipes within its pages. Thanks for all that you do Hannah.

  • André Pacheco

    Pretty nice recipes and well organized!

  • Phyllis Shaw

    This is the second book I have purchased,
    and I couldn’t be any happier!
    Hanna, your recipe idea’s have truly inspired me!!
    Like so many others, I love new idea’s!
    I have tried so many of your recipes, and have honestly enjoyed every single one!
    I think I love your style of cooking so much because it is so similar to how I eat & cook,
    it’s just….better!
    Thank you 🙂

  • Tara Harmon

    Love this book! I’m WFPB/Vegan but fell off the wagon (stayed vegan) due to a job loss recently where I went back to eating vegan junk foods for a few months to cope with things and gained a few unwanted pounds. So I decided to jump into a weight loss effort using High Carb Hannah’s plans and this book on sauces has helped me SOOO much! I actually don’t want to eat out or have vegan junk foods because I look forward to the foods I’m going to eat and these sauces are making all the difference in helping me stick to my plan. I use them sparingly since I’m also trying to shed a few pounds but a little goes a long way, for me. Haven’t tried them all yet but so far I’m loving the Vegan Tzatziki, Nacho Cheese Dip, Alfredo and the Coconut Cream Praline Sauce. YUM!!!

  • Ann Sheldon

    Excellent book and very well presented, the recipes look amazing and are just the thing to give that extra zing to your vegan dishes. Who said vegan food is boring – they obviously haven’t found Hannah. Thank you.

  • Rhonda Miller

    Here’s the deal. The sauce makes all the difference. Hannah’s recipes are easy to make and absolutely yummy. Hannah’s videos, story, and recipes have been key to my fairly recent full transition to a healthy just eat plants lifestyle. The sauce ebook is pretty, practical, and pleasing to the tastebuds. I have only tried a few recipes so far – cant wait to work my way through them all. 5 stars

  • Nichole Bair

    Having all these healthy sauces is making eating my veggies sooooo much more exciting ?

  • Vicky Georgousopoulou

    amazing recipes i cant wait to make them 😉

  • Tracy Hoelter

    Love this book! Recipes are easy to make for both the novice and seasoned cook. Great price too! Thank you Hannah!

  • Nofar Elmer

    Super excited to try these recipes!! I bought the bundle and am loving the Instant Pot recipes. Haven’t tried these sauces yet, but there’s a lot of great recipes and easy ones too. Also priced super well and it’s already worth it!

  • Karen Barnes

    Love this ebook! Simple, clear, inexpensive ingredients that make delicious sauces that won’t ruin your health. Love all that you do Hannah.Thank you x

  • Jennifer Morillo

    Great book, easy to find ingredients and simple instructions. A sauce cook book is such a great idea – its healthy and helps me cut oils and fats out of my diet!

  • mc

    Amazing recipies. Delicious!!!!

  • talvessilva1

    This book is going to help me spice up my salads and pasta dishes 🙂 I’ve been consistent in my weight loss journey, but I was starting to get bored with the same options all the time.
    Thanks so much Hannah!!

  • claire Southward

    Fantastic book. Totally worth buying!

  • kmbrophy.kb

    Easy to follow recipes! These recipes are approachable and delicious. Vegans certainly love sauces and you won’t get bored with all the options in this book!

  • nicolejeank

    I have struggled with hitting a point in my vegan journey where I was eating the same thing over and over and it was hard! I’m so glad I found Hannah and she is so helpful and inspiring!

  • lindstromfamily2

    Wow! Somewhere around 58 sauce recipes ~ means saving me so much work! So easy AND delicious. Thank you Hannah!

  • lucy.f.mm

    Lovely book, great ideas!

  • Lburky

    These sauces are so easy and delicious. I love Hannah’s creativity. She is a great vegan cook to follow if you are new to the vegan lifestyle.

  • kim.beers

    I have really enjoyed this recipe book! For me, sauces are such an easy way to add variety and I love having new ideas. As someone still working on refining their WFPB lifestyle, this is a lifesaver. It’s also a great way to make plant-based meals more appealing to my family which makes this momma very happy!

  • jgibb1005

    With having only recently started HCLF and learning more about WFPB, I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot with HCH and this plethora of sauces! I just want to spend the next several days making all of these. Inspired and healthier!

  • stela.stancheva86

    Thank you Hanna! I really enjoy this Ebook,delicious and easy recipes.

  • petrakion1

    What a great book, I love the recipes, the photos are great as it shows you what you are making, best of all I like that you have a skinny version for many of the sauces?, I will still make the other sauces as they all look delicious.

  • tinalalic

    I started SOS FREE eating less than a month ago and was looking for something to fill the void of no oil and salt. This book gave me tons of great ease recipes and a new way of looking at ingredients. No more plain steamed veggies. Thank you Hannah your the best.

  • jourdanlwood

    Love these books this one especially! It’s hard to find sauces that taste good with dietary restrictions. I am doing vegan and gluten free recipies. These books allow me to have satisfying meals that are also healthy!

  • dlpmck4908

    Thanks Hannah, I’m really enjoying the recipes. Love your videos!!

  • lindseyward92

    I LOVE this Ebook! It’s so simple and user-friendly! These recipes are easy to create and use common ingredients which is a huge plus. The variety is also unbelievable! It’s nice to have so many recipes (that’d I’d actually make) all in one place. The few features I wish the Ebook had was how much, in volume, the recipe made and how long the sauce stayed good for. Otherwise, I’d highly recommend this book to anyone!

  • margaret.greutert

    Great book! All that I need to create delicious dishes!!

  • mmains

    So glad I got this recipe book!!! Recipes are quick and easy to make.

  • CPrudyC

    Love let’s Get Saucy is a great vegan recipe ebook for vegans that need ideas for completing their meals. Thank you, Hannah would recommend this to eveyone!

  • yallsopp

    Love this book. The Tahini garlic lemon dressing was great. Hannah gives you a recipe and also the skinny version. If you are going plant based then this book is for you

  • fellows.niki

    Flavoring is definitely a big challenge when adopting a vegan diet. Especially when you’re trying to encourage others to adopt the lifestyle as well. The sauces are versatile and flavorful! Im really enjoying making my way through the recipes and so far not one had been a disappointment!!!

  • teethcleaner1981

    Great Ebook, great recipes and easy to follow! Worth the money to invest and add to your vegan Ebook collection!

  • sattvala

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Hannah’s recipes – especially because of no oil or tofu!! Sauces are so critical to making anything taste better, and now someone finally is doing vegan in the healthiest way! Can’t recommend her enough!

  • cole.jenni1

    You both have outdone yourselves once again! Super impressed with this e-book… Can’t recommend enough!

  • mandymc24

    Everything looks amazing. Making my way through the book. Love having so many new options to choose from.

  • randi

    Great recipe book! Healthy recipes that are simple yet delicious. Highly recommended!


    I absolutely love this.

  • robin.a.henderson

    I love this ebook! Sauces take a meal from ordinary to something worth eating and sharing. There’s a sauce for every dish, each with incredible flavor. With so many sauces eating healthy has never been easier.

  • travnash100

    Great book

  • krittle88

    I have only tried a few of the sauces and dips so far, but they were yum. The receipes are quite simple yet delicious.

  • kbnorton

    So many delicious sauces! Currently working my way through this eBook and i have not been disappointed yet.

  • benarochc

    I’m giving this ebook a 5 star becuz that’s what makes the whole difference in ur meals. These sauces add so much flavor so u never have to worry about the food being bland . Plus all the ingredients are things u already have in ur pantry so nothing complicated and weird . Thank u so much hannah for putting it all together for us so beautifully. Ur mistakes and learning process throughout ur plant based journey Is helping us come to our goal faster . Keep up the amazing work

  • hlmackay

    Love this book. Great sauces.

  • lyndsaye3

    This book is full of yummy sauces that actually fit into my high carb lifestyle. I have already tried a couple and was very impressed. I can’t wait to try the rest!!

  • meganrhill

    You NEED ‘Let’s Get Saucy’ in your life!

    This ebook is a comprehensive collection of all the sauce recipes you could want. Seriously. There are 50+ OIL-FREE dips, gravies, sauces, butters, and spreads that run the gamut from savory to sweet–and everything in between!

    This has already been so helpful for me as I’ve transitioned into a no oil, no added sugar, HCLF diet. I printed the entire book (56 pages) and it’s now in a binder in my kitchen so I can grab it whenever I make meal or a batch of sauce for meal prepping.

    Thank you, Hannah, for sharing your journey with the world. You will never know just how many of us have been inspired by you. I used to be afraid of cooking, and I honestly thought I was so bad at it. Now, I feel so comfortable in the kitchen, and I love cooking!

  • mhardeman

    I am loving this ebook. The nacho cheese recipe is AMAZING!! Would definitely recommend. Hannah’s recipes never disappoint.

  • mrskellygraves

    I liked the variety, which I didn’t really expect. The ingredients are normal, everyday things I have and can easily get at a regular grocery..

  • StayGolden04Ever

    Excellent sauce recipes! Having the right sauces can either make or break a meal! Keep the e-books coming!

  • Stefanie.baumgartner

    I’ve been watching High Carb Hannah’s YouTube channel for a couple of years now and I really enjoyed it a lot so I bought the Let’s get saucy EBook because I lacked inspiration when it comes to sauces. Now I have lots of inspiration at my finger tips and so far all the recipes I’ve tried were rather simple and very, very tasty. High Carb Hannah knows her stuff and I benefit from it now thanks to this amazing EBook.

  • bartlinglaurie

    Thank you, Hannah!
    I’m so glad you wrote this book and compiled these recipes. They are everything I love!
    1) HEALTHY
    2) EASY (PEASY) ?❤️
    3) QUICK
    4) SUPER DELISH!!!!

    It just doesn’t get any better than that!
    The best part is that these sauces add some zing, pop and majah flavah (getting a bit carried away here! Lol!!) to the simple, healthy, basic ingredients we all know and love. Any dish becomes delish (see what I did there?! ?) with a yummy sauce.

    Sometimes I have to pinch myself because eating plant-based, vegan, low-fat is not only kind to our animal friends, good for the planet and healthy for us humans but – thanks to Hannah ??❤️ – it’s super delicious too. It is a major source of joy in my life to feel this good about what I’m putting into my body and to be able to truly enjoy the taste experience as well.

    Thanks, Hannah! I love Lean & Clean as well. I’m looking forward to trying your other books, too. You’ve struck the perfect balance between delicious, healthy, affordable and quick & easy that makes all this do-able for me. Literally a life-changer. So many thanks.

    Peace, love and hair grease ?❤️

  • monna.kendrick

    The sauces are so good!!!! These recipes are simple and use ingredients that you will want to have on hand (if you don’t already). I don’t know about you, but a delicious dressing or sauce makes ALL the difference for me. This book has made a world of difference for me!

  • tracy.regan

    I absolutely love this sauce ebook and highly recommend it. All recipes are fast, easy & so good for you …..

  • priscillia-jungbluth

    This book is Amazing and sauces are so yummy think you so much 🙂

  • pennyb312003

    I love being plant based but having all these different sauces just makes it so much better and they taste so good you almost feel like it’s cheating!!!

  • Marti

    Well done! Beautiful photos and great recipes! I love the layout. Ingredients are common for the most part and easy to find. Great work!

  • allisonmtucker2331

    My partner loves sauces and was afraid she would miss out on all her favorites, especially the creamy sauces. This book has helped so much in making her vegan transition permanent!!! The sauces are easy and taste amazing!

  • lori.gibson

    Holiday gift purchase, but naturally I had to peak at the recipes 😉

    Pros: Nice variety of sauces

    Cons: Would prefer color photos of EACH recipe and more serving ideas/suggestions

  • prisd88

    Totally love this book! As a new plant-based eater, I needed this book because I was getting bored of eating the same thing and now I can add a little spice to all of my meals!

  • Krista.huhtala

    I’m one of those who’ve wished for the sauce book and finally even I can do sauces. This is so well worth the price and complements HCH’s other books.
    Hightly recommended!

  • briana.wills

    Awesome recipe book! Sauces are simple and delicious! Also love how short and concise the instructions are. Thanks Hannah!

  • Whitney.nilan

    So many recipes packed with tons of flavor!

  • emmaa.ay

    So very instructive anddelicious recipes 🙂

  • ayaclau

    Hannah book is amazing I own three books now, and his one is just as amazing. The mac and cheese sauce is heaven.

  • jesselorette

    I love love love these saucy recipes. I love adding sauces to my bowls and salads and always looking for new ideas. This book works for me ?. Thank you for taking the time to create and compile the recipes for us…I would have preferred the paperback version…wasn’t an option when I bought my copy.

  • eltorro1

    “Lets Get Saucy” is a must have, no question. Simple Salad dressing ingredients to dress up salads is what brings it all together. I love the traditional Hummus and the Sun-dried Tomato Garlic Hummus, basic ingredients that I enjoy daily. There are a variety of Sauces,Spreads,Dips,Salsas,Dressings,Deserts that are easy recipes and are worth trying to make on your own. The cost of the EBOOK was affordable.
    Than You.

  • denise

    I’m going to LOVE this book! I made the teriyaki sauce tonight and it was wonderful! I also have your “Epic Vegan Pressure Cooking” book that I use all the time. I’m a big fan of you and Derek, Hannah – so much so that my husband I will be going on the Holistic Cruise in March to celebrate my 60th birthday. I’m looking forward to meeting both of you! Thanks for doing what you do – you inspire me!

  • bcbirder

    Love this Saucy book. I made the Cheeze Nacho Sauce last night and LOVED it. So quick and easy to make and so tasty. Kept some to put over my potatoes today. I know that will be yummy.
    I’m excited to try all of the other sauces. Thanks Hannah. ??

  • matwell1993

    This e-book was the answer to all of my vegan needs. Seriously. It can be such a pain to find vegan sauces, especially if you aren’t sure what you are looking for, so having an entire book of sauces and dips is amazing. There is also a “skinny” version of a lot of the sauces which I love for a lower calorie option. There’s a ton of sodium, sugar, and weird ingredients in pre-made, store-bought sauces, and learning to make your own is cheaper and healthier. There’s a sauce for everything you could need. So glad I bought this!

  • veglegs

    Easy and delicious recipes, yet again! Thanks Hannah!

  • edmunds.niccole

    This book is PERFECT! I have made 5 so far and they are all perfection. My favorite is the cashew butter “sour cream”. We had it on a black bean and sweet potato grilled tacos the other day and it was HEAVEN! Thanks for doing what you do, Hannah!

  • brittannij

    This book is wonderful! I’m one of those people that puts sauce on EVERYTHING. It’s definitely hard if not impossible to find healthy sauce in stores so I’m super excited to try this recipes.

  • b.young3

    Very happy with this book. There is a sauce for everything! Best of all it takes the guess work out of my own, often failed experimentation. I find having several different sauces and salad dressings in the fridge makes it way easier to eat healthy and throw a satisfying, yummy meal together fast!

  • karengray101512

    This book is a must have! I have been vegan for quite some time now but I always struggled making my own salad dressings and sauces so I have been waiting for this book to come along. Hannah said it right, this book will change your life! Thanks Hannah for making this!!!!Looking forward to your next book! 5 stars!

  • cr8ivrose

    This sauce book is just what I’ve been waiting for! You can eat so simple and add a sauce and you’ve elevated your meal!

  • sam.turner42

    I’m so impressed with how flovorful all of these recipes are ?. I’ve made the gravy and was so shocked. It’s going to make Thanksgiving and Christmas that much more savory!

  • peterhooson05

    This is my second book from Hannah and both have been excellently compiled, produced and are very informative and enjoyable to read. Being in UK, some of the ingredients are not always readily available in stores however, with a little effort, most stuff can be sourced.

  • meg.campbell15

    I am so happy to have this eBooks in my life. The buffalo dip is AMAZING! Even my meat eating family loved it. Can’t wait to try all of the recipes

  • ricki.riegert

    Lots of tasty, straight forward recipes. I really enjoy having the two versions for lower fat options. Thank you. I love all your e-books.

  • lbarrow22

    Love this book. Great variety of recipes. Love the skinny nacho cheese dip. I have made if 3 times already , love this with potatoe wedges, guacamole and salsa

  • lynnehonda

    All the sauces you need, great staples with lots of extras! I love all the whole food and easy to find ingredients. The book is well organized and the recipes very quick and delicious!!! The sauces add an awesome finish to my plant dishes. 🙂 Thank you so much, Hannah!! <3

  • louisachamberlain

    Hopefully this pops up as 5 stars because that’s what I am rating it. Brilliant book, as per all of Hannah’s other books, which I own. Condiments and sauces are life, so I knew I needed this one. Add to that the fact that there’s no oil or overly processed ingredients, as well as low fat options and a huge variety of sauces and it’s a winner for me. As always, beautifully put together too with great photography and nice layouts. Love it. At that reasonable price too, you can’t go wrong.

  • annebennenbroek


  • Livelifewithoutregrets737

    These sauces are not only simple to do but made with simple products I can actually find in my local stores! Thank you so much Hannah!

  • blythemcconaughey

    I’ve never met Hannah, but she taught me how to cook. When I started watching her YouTube channel, it was out of curiosity because I heard she was a vegan who was doing the potato diet. I knew NOTHING about cooking. All the food I ate came from my freezer or from restaurants. It’s been a couple of years, and I’m eating like a vegan champ now! I bought this “Let’s Get Saucy” because I wanted all of Hannah’s sauce recipes in one place. I’m proud to have it among all my other Hannah ebooks on my tablet. If you are interested in vegan cooking, if you are interested in eating delicious compassionate food that’s good for your body, the planet and your taste buds, YOU NEED THIS BOOK. Hannah is the shit.

  • kline986

    This book is already a lifesaver for me! I like to batch cook steamed veggies or potatoes for the week but hate eating them plain. If I whip a couple of these easy sauces to top them with it makes them so much better! All of the recipes only need a few ingredients and there isn’t any ‘weird’ or ‘hard to find’ items! They use basic ingredients that most have in their pantry!

  • janenedekock

    Absolutely finger-licking awesome!!
    Thank you so much Hannah for this well, put together book which changes the whole outlook of vegan, plant based food.
    I love watching the amazement on my SAD friends faces when they eat my tasty food with especially these lovely sauces on.
    Greetings from South Africa

  • ginger_rose

    I have loved Hannah’s Lean and Clean ebook so I didn’t hesitate to get this when it was released. As expected it was full of great saucy recipes I know I’ll be using. I love that I have most of the ingredients on hand for these recipes so I just need to look in my pantry and then I can actually make a meal without having to go out and buy ingredients….I’m on a mission to use up what I have and this recipe ebook is perfect for that need.

  • ericnmegan

    I love all of Hannah’s recipes. I own all of her books, and I refer to them often. I have currently been using the instant pot ebook quite often because I love the simplicity of the recipes and how little time it takes to make a meal.

  • jenmccook47

    Thanks to Let’s Get Saucy, sticking to a vegan diet has just become even easier and more delicious! Great variety of recipes to cover all your saucy needs! I also really love the rich vs skinny options. Thanks Hannah!!

  • ewa.klupsch

    Finally! Sauces are so important, and i never knew how to make them. Pictures looks yummy, recipes looks easy. I can’t wait to try them out. Thank you Hannah!

  • lettucebhealthy.idaho

    I love all of Hannah’s ebooks! So excited to have one full of sauces to add to my collection. Well worth it, and with all the variety, there’s no way my OMNI husband won’t eat at least a few of these!

  • therandey

    I have looked through the book. I love that they are flexible for those cutting down on nuts. The pictures are beautiful. Having a good sauce on a Plant Based Bowl for example or potatoes or rice or anything really is a game changer. Hannah knows this and has done us all a great service by providing everything we need in sauces and whole foods in a way that anyone can understand. Not only that…but she is very inspiring to boot! If you care about your health and the health of your family become a sauce guru and the rest is simple! Thanks, Hannah!

  • knm_khamchanh

    This book is so amazing. I made the best hummus Ive ever tasted using this book. Thanks Hannah for creating this wonderful book. I recommend this book to anyone looking to spice up their meals. Its an incredible book!!

  • lesleyareeves

    I love sauces but bought ones aren’t always that healthy. I like to know what’s in my food. The hummus in this one is the only none shop bought one I like. Excellent book ?

  • Jacquiemoconnor

    Wow! I thought there might be a few sauces that I would like…I was so wrong! I am going to be exploring these yummy sauces for a looooong time!

    Jacquie, Richmond VA

  • schoenfeldt4

    Just as good as her other books. Thank you so much Hannah

  • tammy.goodine

    BEST SAUCE BOOK EVER!! Highly recommend it to anyone who is or is not plant based!!!! Everyone can enjoy it!! Way to go Hannah!! 🙂

  • coraleebuckley

    This sauce book is exactly what you need to make your food exciting again. I made the spinach artichoke dip and put it on toast and it was phenomenal. Better than garlic bread!! The recipes use normal ingredients that taste good. It’s a lot of nuts (mostly cashews) and seed and just a little bit of tofu for the bases of the sauces. I am so grateful for this book. I’m busy and don’t have a lot of time to make a lot of fancy recipes, but a tasty sauce can make rice, potatoes or pasta amazing. Definitely worth every penny. Thanks so much!!

  • lljlaw69

    One of the issues of transitioning to a WFPB lifestyle is adapting to the seemingly bland taste of a plant based diet until your taste buds adapt. Your sauce book solves that problem by providing 55 ways to liven up the taste of your plant based recipes. You nailed it!

  • suzkstein

    What a great book!! This is just what I was looking for. My husband is willing to eat vegan meals but only if they taste superb. Hannah has allowed me to get saucier in the kitchen than I have in the past and my husband loves it! Thanks Hannah!

  • vm4him

    Fantastic book with easy to make sauces. I have all of Hannah’s books and love her recipes. This book has it all…curry sauces, sandwich spreads, salsa’s, guacamoles, french onion dip, veggie and bread dips, salad dressings, nacho cheese dip, bbq sauces, enchilada sauces, …I could go on…but you get the drift…..it’s only 10.00…!!!!!

  • suzkstein

    What a great book!! This is just what I was looking for. My husband is willing to eat vegan meals but only if they taste superb. Hannah has allowed me to get so I see her in the kitchen and I have in the past and my husband loves it! Thanks Hannah!

  • nlwmisc

    Great variety. Something for everyone. I like that some have a skinny version without oil. I have made the hummus and the spinach artichoke dip so far. Had to add a little hot sauce to the hummus, but it is so good on the lentil chilli in her recent video.

  • hartreis2

    “Let’s Get Saucy” has exceeded my expectations. “Epic Vegan Instant Pot Cooking” is my go-to IP book, and so I took a chance on this one. There are at least 15 recipes that I can’t wait to try. All the recipes look fast, healthy, and use common ingredients. I love delicious food that is fast and easy to make from fresh, healthy, vegan ingredients, so the way Hannah approaches cooking works perfectly for me. I’m becoming a serious fan of hers!

  • godswrathishere

    I haven’t ordered her other books yet, but I am totally convinced just by the sauces book alone that the rest of them will be fantastic! I am in love with her recipes for several of the sauces. I also love the Thai Peanut sauce recipe…yummy!

  • andromeda.broadway

    This book right here is completely and totally worth it! 55 recipes for $10 is a steal and I’ve made alot of her recipes from youtube, she’s legit.

  • candace.church1

    Like all of Hannah’s other books I have purchased the content and value far exceeds the price. I made the vegan Ranch, tzatziki sauce and pico this weekend for my football party. I doubled the recipe for the vegan Ranch and had a burrito bowl for lunch 2 days in a row with it. I bought the Lean and Clean book two years ago and this is the perfect compliment to it. These two books will make a great gift for anyone interested in learning more about how delicious and easy vegan eating can be.

  • cornelia.zapf

    I love this book and the variety of sauces! I already made the hummus and loved it! Can’t wait to make the Thai peanut sauce and everything else!? Thank you Hannah for this e-book! Greetings from Germany

  • yellowgreen06

    I didn’t know what sauces to expect from this book. I have to say that i am pleasantly surprised and I am excited to start making all the different sauces… I love the variety of them!

  • pottersplace9

    I love all of Hannah’s ebooks and use them literally everyday! I was so excited to check out this book and have already tried 3 recipes…they were all so simple and awesome!

  • beverleycumming

    There are just a plethora of sauces in this book to dress up the meals Hannah has created. This book is a collection of sauces in one place to delight the palate. Thank you Hannah for your recipes and just being you!

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