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From Hannah:

I know a lot of times when it comes to bettering ourselves or our lives we think we are alone. One thing you need to know is that you, my friend are not. I have struggled with my health my entire life until a couple years ago. Today I am a better person because of everything that I went through and the most exciting part is that I now get to help you on your journey.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I found the secret to optimal health. That might be great for book sales but it’s not realistic (or even slightly true). The truth is there is no secret.

Included in this bundle are PDF copies available for instant download:

  • Lean & Clean – 14-Day Plant-Based Meal Plan
  • Let’s Get Saucy – 55+ vegan sauce recipes that will blow your mind
  • Epic Vegan Pressure Cooking – 30 simple oil-free vegan pressure cooker recipes
  • Real Food Real Simple – 80+ plant-based recipes to satisfy your soul
  • Cheat Sheet – 30+ free recipes and tons of information to find your ideal weight
  • 28-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan – Issue 1 – 28-day plant-based meal plan ideal for weight loss.
  • 28-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan – Issue 2 – 28-day plant-based meal plan ideal for weight loss.
  • 28-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan – Issue 3 – 28-day plant-based meal plan ideal for weight loss.

I’ve found the biggest struggle in overcoming obstacles and reaching our goals is that we stand in our own way. With all the meal plans and books in this bundle, you’ll have all the tools and resources to achieve optimal health and find your natural weight on a plant-based diet.

If you’re ready to start your journey, I’m ready to be there with you every step of the way.



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82 reviews for Ultimate Bundle

  • melissa shotts

    After scribbling down recipes from YouTube and her free recipes, I finally decided to order the bundle and I’m so glad I did. Having all the recipes readily available on all my devices is a game changer!

  • Laura Spollen

    Hannah knows how to cook, how to cook fast, and how to cook delish! She also knows how to teach us how to do that too. She’s amazing and I’m so grateful for her tireless efforts in helping her followers enjoy a healthy and delicious life. Thank you so much, Hannah for the great recipes and for your lovely presentation!

  • Kelli Rohrbacher

    I have watched Hannah’s videos for a few months now, and decided to purchase the bundle. It was one of the best decisions of my life! The books are written beautifully, and her tips are so helpful. Not to mention the recipes are delicious!

  • Stephanie Egan

    I love all the recipes I’ve tried so far!! So easy and delicious. Thank you so much for creating this and making it so easy to follow. Thank you 😍 The cheese sauce and spinach dip were the ones I tried.

  • Nancy Wolverton

    I got the Ultimate Bundle when watching almost all of Hannah’s Youtube backlog wasn’t enough. I am OBSESSED with this chick!
    I went vegan about two months ago for health and ethical reasons and I couldn’t have done it so successfully without HCH. Having all of her tools available to me through purchasing the books has been so wonderful now that I am caught up on Youtube content.
    Thank you so much for all that you do, you really are out here changing lives on the daily. <3

  • B Luecke

    I have been following Hannah for about 1 month. Just by following her advice and her recipes, I have lost 7.5 lbs in just 3 and 1/2 weeks! I still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be but with this lifestyle change and Hannah’s food, I don’t miss anything about my old way of eating. Everything is so delicious. I will be vegan for the rest of my life. Thank you so very much Hannah. You are an inspiration.

  • Haseya Ni Seighin

    Love the book bundle. It’s really helpful having the 14 day meal plan too, to kick start the lifestyle.

  • Amy

    Hannah, I can not thank you enough for your hard work in sifting through and making palatable the important information about why most of us can’t lose weight. I especially love when you write about the things “most” of your clients have trouble with, because so far they have all applied to me. Perhaps the things you point out should be obvious, but too often in our culture we overlook solutions because we are too blinded by the quick-fix prescription culture. I am so satisfied eating this way, and with your help I have pinpointed a few bad habits I had overlooked for a decade. By changing these things (too many nuts, too much oil, and sugar) and following your recipes, I am seeing my “pregnancy weight” (can you really still call it that after 10 years?) MELT off (like, literally 5 pounds in a couple of weeks, effortlessly), and my mother has not needed to take as much insulin and feels so much better. I can’t thank you enough. You are a savvy businesswoman and a powerful inspiration to so many. THANK YOU. People out there, do not hesitate, buy this bundle and start your new life. And, by the way, I am a skeptic who doesn’t normally write reviews either. But I had to take time to write this. Thank you Hannah!!!!

  • Linda Radan

    👏 Hannah is honest and motivational. I’m so glad I found her story and website. The books are full of yummy recipes 😋

  • Carolane Warzée

    Just one word : Perfect !

  • Cissy Malloy

    Love this girl.started following her on YouTube and then bought a bundle of books .love them ..love all the recipies,so doable and not an entire day of time consuming chef stuff with weird ingredients or anything. The days I do what she sais I feel great ..cant wait to continue my journey with her books and videos as my inspiration.

  • Julio Sermeno Jr

    I’ve been watching Hannah’s YouTube videos and have made a category just for her videos that I like. Without question, she’s done some serious research on a WFPB lifestyle. It has definitely helped bring my diabetes slowly but surely under control. The recipes are quite easy and very delicious. My wife and I thank you dearly, Hannah! You da bomb, girl!😎🤙

  • Jill Swinderman

    I have just started putting these recipes and books to use. I decided I needed this so much more than I want this. I love Hannah’s recipes and love the high carb lifestyle so far….although I have only a few days behind me. I bought the bundle because i need all the resources I can get my hands on and need this support. I am inspired by Hannah’s progress and can only hope for a fraction of how well she has done. I have about 70 lbs to lose and am 49 yrs old…..Need all the help I can get! Thank you Hannah!

  • jenn stark

    5 stars for Hannah!! I love ❤️ all the recipes especially the fast ones. I love to eat, don’t love to cook but Hannah’s recipes never fail, ever! Thank you so much Hannah!

  • Tatesha Rucker

    I could not pass up on the bundle deal! I have a numerous amount of amazing recipes and the ones I’ve tried so far are absolutely amazing!!!

  • Airia Papadopoulos

    Hannah has created very informative products and a ton of great recipes. Some are complicated and others are simple, which is just the right combination for a busy wife and mother who sometimes wants to make fancy meals. Delicious recipes make all the difference in my desire to do this well and to commit. Any product you buy will be worth it.. or just do like I did and buy them all!

  • Brigitte Wahlbeck

    I have been following Hannah for a really really long time now. It is a feeling of coming back to home. When I struggle I watch videos, and I have always come back to what I know is the right way to eat and live. It is sometimes such a struggle but in a weird way feels always welcoming with where I am. I have done a few of the recipes and love that you can also make them yours. I am so appreciative and am diving right in! xo

  • Carolina Eldridge

    Love the books!!! enjoyed all the recipes so far.

  • Andrea Carneval

    Loved Hannah’s cookbooks. All of her recipes have been great on her website and her books that I’ve tried. Out of the bundle, I’ve been using the Lean and Clean the most around the holidays. Even though they are simpler recipes, they have been good and have helped me detox in a sense. The sauces have options for everyone, and the pressure cooker book has great tasting stuff, including a helpful guide on cooking dry beans and grains!

  • Fiona Corston

    I didn’t buy the ultimate bundle because I needed to lose weight: I bought it because I needed more quick and easy family-friendly recipes that are suitable for the Instant Pot. So far Hannah has delivered the goods!

  • Summer Holwegner

    This bundle was worth it. I’ve been eating this way for a week now and I’ve already started to lean out. I don’t have much to lose but this way of eating is so easy and satisfying. Hannah really does a good job of keeping things simple but delicious.

  • Beth Houser

    I love the E-book bundle! I have referred to them dozens of times and the recipes do not disappoint!

  • Jahnina Pamintuan

    I feel so happy with my purchases. I have learned more about myself and the foods that I eat. Hannah is an inspiration and I truly admire her. Love lots ! I am a Forever fan!

  • Anita Young

    Super happy with bundle. Already did a few recipes and it all turned out amazing! Looking forward to the 2 week lean and clean and to see some results. I love watching Hannah’s YouTube videos about daily eats, recipes, and her life. Thanks for the great books!

  • Jasmin Delorme

    A great way to start with the plant based diet! My favorite – Lean & Clean. Everything tastes great and super easy to prepare. =)

  • Augusto Dalmau

    Supercool books!! I love this type of eating! gonna recommend them 100%!

  • Daniela Tsintziras

    Easy and flavorful.

  • Whitney Olmsted

    I LOVE High Carb Hannah! The e-books are fantastic, and after 21 meals I can say that every recipe I have tried is both simple and delicious. I will definitely be adding many of these into a permanent rotation. I have been skipping around all the books which is fun and mixing and matching – what can I say living on the edge! Thank you for sharing your experience and allowing others to learn from it.


    I am so happy I bought the bundle. I wish I would’ve bought it a long time ago. I have already lost six pounds in the last two weeks and I’m so excited to continue this plan as a lifestyle.

  • Renae Hoffman

    I am new to the Vegan lifestyle and Hannah’s books have helped me tremendously. Her recipes and quick and simple and delicious.

  • Victoria Cail

    Have loved every Let’s Get Saucy recipe I’ve made so far!

    Just finished reading Lean & Clean and joined the FB group, and I’m really inspired to make a change.

  • Mayah Haidar

    So many yummy recipes and so straightforward to make! Highly recommend!

  • Tracy Davis

    I’ve been eating WFPB for a few months now. (I’m a former vegan junk food addict. 😉 ) Starting out, I was fine with regular roasted veggies. Then I added some amazing balsamic vinegars to my veggies. But the reality is that it gets boring. I have found that sauces make all the difference. ALL. THE. DIFFERENCE! So, I came to Hannah’s site to get the Let’s Get Saucy ebook. But I have an instant pot – and she has an instant pot ebook! I need that one, too! And Lean & Clean – who doesn’t want to be lean and clean – I’ll take that one, too. You get the idea. Now that I’ve got them all, I absolutely love them. Sure, you could go digging around the internet for awesome WFPB recipes – but who has time for that? I want recipes developed by someone who I know has good recipes. I don’t want to spend time trying – and being disappointed by – all the Pinterest recipes I can find. I love the simplicity of these ebooks having everything I need – in one place – from a foodie that I can trust. Right now, I’m in the middle of the Lean & Clean 14-day meal plan. Not because I’m transitioning – although it is great for that – but because I wanted to try new things. And I’ve already found some new things that I love – that I never would have tried. Obviously, I’d highly recommend the entire bundle. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Sarah Burton

    I love Hannah’s books! Great recipes that don’t taste like “diet food”

  • Julie Horton

    I only purchased the bundle just over a week ago so still working my way through the books. The amount of recipes for the price is great and quality of food is amazing. I’m new to cooking and eating this way and in the short space of time I feel much better and am lighter too. Well worth the money and I’m so glad came across Hannah online.

  • Martha Campbell

    Love this bundle, it’s so a great value and gives you so many amazing recipes! Everything I try I love!

  • Maryam Alharbi

    In love with all of your book wow I eat a lot but in a healthy way and I’m loosing weight

  • Molly Wagner

    I’ve been a fan of Hannah for a long time but never purchased any of her books. I decided to purchase the Ultimate Bundle a few weeks ago and have been absolutely loving these books! I’m annoyed that I didn’t buy them sooner. There are so many amazing plant based recipes out there but with Hannah I know I can trust that her recipes are truly healthy and good for you. These recipes are so straight forward and easy to follow and they taste amazing too! I love Hannah’s creations and can’t wait to keep trying more of these recipes.

  • Laura Opfer

    Love all the helpful information in her books and the recipes are so simple that I actually use them! Hooray!

  • Sarah Burton

    I’ve already lost 20 pounds in three months making Hannah’s recipes

  • Elizabeth Acosta

    Hannah inspired me to go vegan when I found her on YouTube 3 years ago, her recipes are simple yet so creative and always very delicious. I can’t wait to see what recipes she comes up with next!

  • Jeff Wilton

    So far I’ve made the chili lentil. Kind of just eating potatoes and rice with vegetables. I was 213lbs now at 190. Looking to get back about 130 . Love the books and videos. God bless ,and keep up the awsome work.

  • Katy Grennan

    Thank you so much for you and your recipes. I have tried 2 so far and they were a hit. The ingredients, quantities and instructions are on point.
    It has been so hard to get my kids to eat vegan and like what I make. But so far they have loved what I have made from your eBooks.
    Thank you, thank you

  • Meg Kline

    Love this bundle! Was so happy to find such a wealth of recipe ideas for this lifestyle. Just go ahead and get the bundle – it’s worth it! I love the content that goes beyond just the food, too. Hannah – you’re really making a difference; keep up the good work!

  • Brittany Brooks

    These books are such a great tool, totally worth the price! You get recipes that are simple but taste amazing . They give you very helpful tips and tricks and have awesome customer service as well. I know this will be a staple in my journey and I’ve never been more excited for it!

  • Carolyn Miller

    Love your stuff!! So excited

  • Rozy Figueroa

    This bundle is amazing. I have purchased many meal plans but could never keep with it. This one is different. Awesome Recipes that keep me coming back. I’m on week 2 and I’ve already lost 4 pounds.

    Thank you so much Hannah.

  • Leonard Fleck

    Hannah, I am so happy to get your e-book bundle! I have started reading and learning. God has blessed me with a wonderful wife that is a great cook and is willing to learn the plant-based cooking methods. We are enjoying your recipes and others. We enjoy Derek’s solid “8” when rating your recipes! Keep up the good work!! You two are amazing.

  • Andrea Sergeant

    We love whole food plant based eating but we were finding it hard to get inspired each night for dinner. Hannah’s Ultimate Bundle has helped us with some easy interchangeable sauces and mains to keep us going each night. Some ingredients are a little harder to find in New Zealand such as hemp seed, but we are playing around with replacements. Thanks for what you do, Hannah!

  • michelle.cox555

    These recipes are far more than diet recipes…I like Hannah’s books because they outline a sustainable way of eating for nutritional excellence! They are WELL worth the $!

  • Tiffany Wilson

    I love her recipes even though I’m still learning to eat my veggies. I grew up eating green beans and corn only, (I’m 39). I’m on day 1 of Hannah’s lean and clean plan, and I’m actually really enjoying her taco salad. Tomatoes, spinach and kale, black beans. With only lime juice to flavor it. I’m shocked! Totally worth the money!!

  • Honoree Pouly

    These books are well written and easily accessible to those less familiar with the vegan lifestyle. The recipes are realistic and simple without the need for hard to obtain ingredients.

  • Patrice Engelbrecht

    I am reading all the info and next will do my shopping. Must clear fridge to fill with all the Clean and Lean first week goodies.
    I was so excited to get this awesome Black Friday deal for the Ultimate Bundle, tho I felt like it was a fair price to begin with.

    Thank You Hannah! XO Patrice

  • Dawn Anderson

    These books are well written and beautifully illustrated. They are full of wonderful information about why we should go vegan from a health and environmental stand point. Hannah, I bought your books because you have personally went through the process of being overweight and found the best version of you. I follow you on YouTube and I can’t wait to go through the process you have to become the healthiest me. Thank you.

  • Julia Kelley

    I’ve been WFPB for about 18 months and learned about Hannah from Chef AJ. After watching a few of her videos, I decided to get the Ultimate bundle. It has not disappointed. I have already made quite a few things and they have all been very good.

  • peterborreggine

    So much great information for someone just starting with this way of eating… love the 14-day meal plan and just did the meal prep for the 1st week. Looking forward to tasting the recipes 🙂

  • Kayleigh Long

    These books are well written and well thought out. I’ve been following Hannah on YouTube for a couple years now and finally decided to do her 14 day lean and clean. I am so happy I did.

  • erin.liber

    These books have been INSTRUMENTAL in my success as a vegan! I truly thought I could never do it, and this was just what I needed.
    The recipes are easy, delicious, and satisfying.
    I owe so much to Hannah for her amazing books and I will be forever grateful.

  • girl777

    The Ultimate bundle is great started reading Lean and clean right away. The recipes are easy and taste great. So happy to be full and still lose weight

  • p.modolo

    Libri molto utili. Chiari nella spiegazione. Ricette gustose e facili da preparare. Ma quello che ho apprezzato di più e che i menù sono tutti vegan. Solo a guardare le foto ti viene l’acquolina in bocca! Veramente un ottimo lavoro! Brava Hannah!!

  • jblaser7

    Very helpful books for a healthy vegan meal plan and wonderful and delicious recipes. I love the pictures of the recipes, they are very motivating.

  • am.ende31

    The Ultimate bundle is the best value! Most of the recipes are simple and loaded with flavor! So happy I have these books to add some variety in my meals.

  • t.russell0709

    I 100% recommend ALL of these books. I’ve just started my vegan journey, and the recipes in the book and the information provided are so helpful. I can’t wait to use these resources as a major key to my vegan success. ?♥️

  • lprb1010

    I read lean and clean the first day I got it, I just couldn’t put it down. I love the Vegan Pressure cooking book, I have only made the Veggie Lentil Soup a Looop recipe, but this one is one to add to my weekly or bi weekly meals. I am going to pick another instant pot recipe shortly to make for dinner. Thank your both for an amazing job. I love that I can send a message and get an answer. Awesome journey look forward to being on with you.

  • ackerman3

    I absolutely love my books! I am one week into the Lean and Clean menus. I have learned a lot about PBWF over the years and was not sure if these books would tell me anything I didn’t already know, but they did! So easy to read and much great advice. And I love the pics of each meal. Very inspiring. Thank you Hannah. Great job!

  • morsedm09

    I love the ultimate bundle! The recipes are so delicious and best of all, so easy to make. I feel great and I am losing weight!

  • kcmurderino

    Hannah and Derek have never made going vegan so easy. I’ve tried several of their recipes now and they have all been delicious! I can’t wait to try more from her books.

  • catonine

    I have enjoyed all six booklets in the bundle. I have made several of the easy and delicious recipes. I look forward to other e-booklets you put out in the future. Thank you Hannah!!!

  • jacquejones3

    The ultimate bundle is a excellent selection of Books to have. The instant pot recipes are are amazing, the saucy sauces are so creative. Lean and clean has TONS of very informative information. Would highly recommend.

  • ahmic18

    So far so good! I have finally found a plan that isn’t hard to follow.

  • mkrotz

    The ultimate bundle is excellent! Loads of information and great recipes!

  • christina_fontana

    I love Hannah’s books!!! She has some of the best recipes! I love that they have ingredients that are easy to find no mater where you live. Great books for any stage of becoming a vegan/raw vegan.

  • erinpark.ep

    This book is a lot better than I expected. The corn chowder was delicious!

  • Sanchez_Isela83

    I have been wanting to buy all these e-books for a while now so when I saw the Black Friday sale I immediately jumped on it. I’m so glad I did. This 2019 I want to transition into veganism & just eat better in general & this bundle gives you all the necessary information, ideas, & recipes. From raw meals, cooked meals, sauces, instant pot meals (to put to use the one I just bought),a meal plan to get started & give you an idea of how to continue creating your own. Everything you need in 1 bundle & for a very reasonable price. I’m loving the e-books. : )

  • mortonrb62

    Hannah I have been following you for awhile and have been so impressed with your honesty and help to keep up the plan for great health. I look forward to using all your ideas to better my health. Thank you for all you do and God Bless.

  • joanaegana

    Spectacular ebooks! I like all the ebooks you have. I am learning to eat healthier and deliciously without hunger or envy of unhealthy dishes. I love the fully cooked ebook! My husband and I are delighted with all your tips and we love your extra tips you share.
    Congratulations for your achievements and thank you for dedicating so much love to us.
    peace from spain

  • marylathrop333

    Even better than I imagined! Thank You Hannah! You really came through in this well thought out, easy to follow bundle package. I am looking forward to starting off the new year with lots of healthy fun new recipes! I am also very grateful for all your motivational and extra health tips you share. Thanks to you I am ready to take action.

  • sbeaudoin89

    A great collection of unique and yet achievable meals for a busy life. All the recipes I have tried are complete with amazing flavors. Making meal preps a day to look forward to. I am also happy to see my family enjoy the food, who knew I could make food look so good. Thank you Derek and Hannah for teaching me how to cook for my busy life and family.

  • Sarahheartspeace

    This bundle is great! I’ve been wanting to get Hannah’s books for a while and when they went on sale for black Friday I had to pick them up! I’ve already made brown rice from the Epic Vegan Pressure Cooking book and it turned out perfect! I also really love the ketchup and sweet mustard dressing from the Lean and Clean book. My favorite thing about Lean and Clean is the grocery shopping list. It makes everything so much easier when you know exactly what to buy. I would recommend these books to anyone because they have a little bit of everything in them so everyone can enjoy them. I can’t wait to try out even more of the recipes!

  • rileydoney3

    This is such a great bundle to buy! I love each book in here because in all, it covers such a wide spectrum. I recently got an instant pot and a new rice cooker so these have been very helpful to me. Thanks Hannah, I can’t wait to start the lean and clean plan!

  • strangerunner

    5 stars! Amazing collection of ebooks. Great recipes, beautiful photos and an inspirational story. I’m excited to get started with the Lean and Clean. And thank you for your fantastic YouTube videos.

  • sarahcollier.src

    Great collection of inspiring and motivating books for a great price.
    Packed with information, great recipes, advice and lots of support, Hannah really has found the ultimate way to live.
    My favourite books are the Lean and Clean and the Lets Get Saucy, with tons of advice and loads of recipes, what more do you need to start your plant based no salt-oil-sugar journey?
    I would definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to be healthy, who wants to go plant based and even anyone who enjoys her youtube videos.

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    What’s Included?

    • 3 of my 28-day plant-based meal plans featuring meals ideal for sustainable weight loss.
    • 200+ epic oil-free vegan whole food recipes that are quick, simple and easy to make.
    • A complete shopping list and meal prep section for the 3 meal plans so you know what to buy and how to prepare for the week ahead.
    • 5 PDF eBooks & 3 PDF Meal Plans that can be instantly downloaded to your iPhone, iPad, android or computer after purchasing. Re-usable anytime you need it!
    • Printer friendly PDFs so that you can print off the PDF at FedEx, Kinkos or Staples so you can have a hardcopy.
    Add to Cart - $138 $59
    F.A.Q. Money Back Guarantee
    Where can I buy paperback copies?

    All of our books are available on Amazon. Click this link here to be directed to Amazon.com

    We are not offering paperback copies of the meal plans. They are all 8.5"x11" and can be easily printed off at home or at a copy print store.

    Are the meal plans budget friendly?
    The meal plans are based around potatoes, rice, oats, lentils, pasta and beans which are all inexpensive to purchase. I’ve made the meal plans simple to follow with ingredients that are common around the world.
    Are all the recipes vegan?

    Yes, all the recipes in the book are plant-based and vegan.

    I'm allergic to soy, are the meal plans right for me?
    Tofu is used in some recipes but can be omitted. Common substitutions like coconut aminos can be easily made.
    I'm gluten free, can I still use the recipes?

    Yes, you can. For any recipes that we pair up with bread or pasta, you can easily use a gluten-free version.

    Do the recipes and meal plans use hard to find ingredients?

    I used normal ingredients that you can find in pretty well any grocery store anytime of year.

    Will the PDF work on my iPhone/iPad/iPod or other mobile device?

    Yes they will. PDFs will work on nearly every mobile device. In the email you receive after your purchase, you will receive a link to a video that will show you how to get your PDF to open in iBooks. My husband Derek is a big nerd and can help you with any issues you have.

    What currency are the prices in?

    All prices on HCH.co are in USD. If you do not live in the USA, there will be a currency conversion when you purchase.


    100% Personal Money Back Guarantee

    You may have realized by now that perfect health does not come overnight and there is no magic pill. That is why we offer a 30 DAY money back guarantee because we want to give you the time to try out all the recipes and find out for yourself how amazing they are. We trust that if you order any of our recipe books, then you are ready for this commitment to better health. We reserve the right to decline returns if any illegal or unethical activities regarding our books have taken place. We’re in this together ❤

    Money back guarantee


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    • Real Food Real Simple
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    • 28-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan - Issue 1
    • 28-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan - Issue 2
    • 28-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan - Issue 3

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